So these are a few commands that are universal to the stream – no matter the game these commands are always on:

!lurk – Let everyone know you are AFK or away for a lurk. Follow this up with !back

!SmashNGrab – Go raid the local corner shop and get some points in the process. Or face Glasgow’s Finest – Times are hard.

!Square – !Square + <@Username> to challenge the wee gimp to a square go. 50 Smackeroonies to the winner

!Fleeto – Gather a fleet of troops to attack the neighbouring scheme (Minimum 2 Max 20)

!donose – Donate via Mobile using Streamlabs

!donosl – Donate via Mobile using StreamElements (there is no alert for this so it is anonymous)

!followage – Check how long you have been following for

!uptime – Check the streams uptime in realtime


!flashbang – Great for when a flashbang is thrown by or at me.

!lastone – If you wanna be a dick and hear “You’re the last one standing” – Just to make a clutch that much more stressful

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