Disclaimer: This is only for D&D related content. Reviews are done on games I was already planning on buying.

You may be here looking for ways to support me, we’ll you found it. You can support me monetarily via tipping or hiring as a professional DM. Alternatively you can review me! There’s a comments box below, there is also my page.


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Floating about at the bottom left of the page is a little Support Me Button. This is a very recent addition. You can also click the image to go to the page.


This one is actually a classic given its age. Good place to just host images mind you. Slow as hell though. Still, most people use it in some form or another.


A classic option. There’s fees and such but it’s your own thing. I like PayPal myself – Ole’ Reliable and all that.


This is the free option. If you have an account then that’s great. If not you can make one and find professional GM’s. Even a simple review helps me progress!

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